LAB OF Sers and catalysis

Prof.Dr.Wei Xie


Congratulations to Our Group for Winning the Third-Prize in Volleyball Match!

       In the first volleyball match organized by Applied Chemistry and Engineering Research Institute of Nankai University, students from our group and Prof. Mingjian Yuan’s group assembled one team and won the third prize.
       In this competition, Jun Liu was the leader of the team. Besides, three undergraduate students joined in our team. Mengcun Li did the graduation project in our group. Li Luo and Rui Zou together worked on “100 projects” of creative research in our laboratory.
       During the game, we were impressed by the strong unity and good cooperation of our team. However, we were still not skilled in volleyball and we have to spend much time to practice in order to perform better. After the match, we developed great friendships with other teams.