LAB OF Sers and catalysis

Prof.Dr.Wei Xie


  • In Situ Monitoring of Palladium-Catalyzed Chemical Reactions by Nanogap-Enhanced Raman Scattering using Single Pd Cube Dimers
    D. WangF. X. Shi, J. Jose, Y. F. Hu, C. C. Zhang, A. N. Zhu, R. Grzeschik, S. Schlücker, and W. Xie
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  • Universal linker-free assembly of core–satellite hetero-superstructures
    Y. F. Hu, Y. L. Li, L. F. Yu, Y. Y. Zhang, Y. M. Lai, W. Zhang, and W. Xie
    Chemical Science, 2022
    , 13, 11792-11797.

  • Tunable Photocatalytic Two-Electron Shuttle between Paired Redox Sites on Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals
    Y. L. Li, T. Wang, Y. Wang, Z. J. Deng, L. Zhang, A. N. Zhu, Y. M. Huang, C. C. Zhang, M. J. Yuan, and W. Xie
    ACS Catalysis, 2022, 12, 5903−5910.

  • Interfacial Evolution on Co-based Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalysts Probed by Using In Situ Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
    Y. F. Hu, C. J. Hu, A. X. Du, T. T. Xiao, L. F. Yu, C. K. Yang, and W. Xie
    Anal. Chem. 2022, DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.2c04931.

  • Quantifying Hot Electron Energy Contributions in Plasmonic Photocatalysis Using Electrochemical Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
    L. F. Yu, A. X. Du, L. Yang, Y. F. Hu, and W. Xie
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2022, 24, 5495–5500.

  • Several Key Factors for Efficient Electrocatalytic Water Splitting: Active Site Coordination Environment, Morphology Changes and Intermediates Identification
    C. J. Hu, Y. F. Hu, A. N. Zhu, M. M. Li, J. L. Wei, Y. Y. Zhang, and W. Xie
    Chemistry-A European Journal, 2022, 28, e202200138.

  • Boosting Plasmonic Hot Electron Utilization for Visible-Light Photocatalysis Using Polarized Ag-TiO2 Nanoparticles
    Y. L. Li, L. F. Yu, Y. Wang, C. C. Zhang, Y. X. Gao, T. Wang, and W. Xie
    CCS Chemistry, 2022, DOI: 10.31635/ccschem.022.202202296.

  • In situ monitoring of Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction by using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy on a bifunctional Au-Pd nanocoronal film
    C. C. ZhangY. L. LiA. N. ZhuL. YangX. M. DuY. F. HuX. YangF. Zhang, and W. Xie
    Chinese Chemical Letters,
    2022, DOI: 10.1016/j.cclet.2022.06.078.

  • Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Evidences of Key Intermediate Species and Role of NiFe Dual-Catalytic Center in Water Oxidation
    C. J. Hu, Y. F. Hu, C. H. Fan, L. Yang, Y. T. Zhang, H. X. Li, and W. Xie
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2021, 36, 19774-19778.

  • Plasmonic metal/semiconductor hybrid nanomaterials for solar to chemical energy conversion
    C. C. Zhang, Y. Y. Zhang and W. Xie
    Journal of Energy Chemistry, 20216340-53.

  • In situ surface-enhanced Raman spectroelectrochemistry reveals the molecular conformation of electrolyte additives in Li-ion batteries
    C. B. Zhu, C. H. Fan, 
    E. Cortés, and W. Xie
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021, 9, 20024-20031.

  • Reaction pathway change on plasmonic Au nanoparticles studied by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
    R. Li, C. C. Zhang, D. Wang, Y. F. Hu, Y. L. Li, and W. Xie
    Chinese Chemical Letters, 2021, 9, 2846-2850.

  • Synthesis of Au-Metal Oxide Core-satellite Nanostructure for In Situ SRES Study of CuO-Catalyzed Photooxidation
    K. F. Zhang, L. Yang, Y. F. Hu, C. H. Fan, Y.R. Zhao, L. Bai, Y. l. Li, F.X. Shi, J. Liu, and W. Xie
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020, 59, 18003-18009.

  • Ag2S‐CdS p‐n Nanojunction‐Enhanced Photocatalytic Oxidation of Alcohols to Aldehydes
    Y. Y. Dong, Y. L. Su, Y. F. Hu, H. X. Li, and W. Xie
    Small, 2020, 16, 2001529.

  • A versatile β-cyclodextrin functionalized silver nanoparticle monolayer for capture of methyl orange from complex wastewater
    J. Liu,  C. C. Zhang,  S. X. Zhang,  H. J. Yu, and W. Xie
    Chinese Chemical Letters, 2020, 2, 539-542.

  • C−H Arylation on Nickel Nanoparticles Monitored by In Situ Surface‐Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
    Y. L. Li,  Y. F. Hu,  F. X. Shi,  H. X. Li,  W. Xie,  J. Chen
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2019, 58, 9049–9053.

  • Plasmon-Enhanced Deuteration under Visible-Light Irradiation
    Y. Y. Dong,  Y. L. Su,  L. L. Du,  R. F. Wang,  L. Zhang,  D. B. Zhao,  W. Xie
    ACS Nano, 2019, 9, 10754-10960.

  • Is the Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction in the Presence of Pd Nanoparticles Heterogeneously or Homogeneously Catalyzed? An Interfacial Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Study
    Y. R. Zhao,  L. L. Du,  H. X. Li,  W. Xie,  J. Chen
    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2019, 10, 1286-1291.

  • Etchable SERS nanosensor for accurate pH and hydrogen peroxide sensing in living cells
    L. Bai,  X. J. Wang,  K. F. Zhang,  X. Y. Tian,  Y. Y. Zhang and W. Xie
    Chemical Communications, 2019, 55, 12996-12999.

  • Plasmon-Promoted Electrocatalytic Water Splitting on Metal-Semiconductor Nanocomposites: the Interfacial Charge Transfer and the Real Catalytic Sites
    L. L. Du,  G. D. Shi,  Y. R. Zhao,  X. Chen,  H. M. Sun,  F. M. Liu,  F. Y. Cheng,  W. Xie
    Chemical Science, 2019, 10, 9605-9612. 

  • Mechanistic Study of Catalytic Hydride Reduction of −NO2 to −NH2 Using Isotopic Solvent and Reducer: The Real Hydrogen Source
    Y. R. Zhao,  R. Li,  P. Jiang,  K. F. Zhang,  Y. Y. Dong,  W. Xie
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2019, 25, 15582-15588.

  • Hot Electron-Induced Carbon–Halogen Bond Cleavage Monitored by in Situ Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
    P. Jiang, Y. Y. Dong,  L. Yang,  Y. R. Zhao,  W. Xie
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2019, 27, 16741-16746.

  • SERS detection of heterogeneous reactions at catalytic interfaces using bifunctional metal nanoparticles
    Y. R. Zhao,  W. Xie
    Scientia Sinica Chimica, 2019, 49, 801-810.

  • Harvesting hot electrons on Au nanoparticle monolayer by efficient compensation of holes
    Y. Y. Dong,  P. Jiang,  W. Xie
    Applied Materials Today, 
    201914, 201-206.

  • A high-absorption and self-driven salt-resistant black gold nanoparticle-deposited sponge for highly efficient, salt-free, and long-term durable solar desalination
    Y. Z. Liu,  Z. P. Liu,  Q. C. Huang,  X. C. Liang,  X. C. Zhou,  H. D. Fu,  Q. X. Wu,  J. M. Zhang and W. Xie 
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 
    2019, 7, 2581-2588.

  • Single Nickel Atoms on Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Enabling Enhanced Kinetics of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
    L. L. Zhang, D. B. Liu, Z. Muhammad, F. Wan, W. Xie, Y. J. Wang, S. Li, Z. Q. Niu and J. Chen
    Advanced Materials, 2019, 40, 1903955.

  • In situ construction of graphdiyne/CuS heterostructures for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
    G. D. Shi, Z. X. Fan, L. L. Du, X. L. Fu, C. M. Dong, W. Xie, D. B. Zhao, M. Wang and M. J. Yuan
    Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 2019, 5, 821-828.

  • 金属纳米粒子二聚体组装及其应用


  • Anion insertion enhanced electrodeposition of robust metal hydroxide/oxide electrodes for oxygen evolution
    Z. H. Yan,  H. M. Su,  X. Chen,  H. H. Liu,  Y. R. Zhao,  H. X. Li,  W. Xie,  F. Y. Cheng,  J. Chen
    Nature Communication, 2018, 9, 2373.

  • Covalent Organic Frameworks with Chirality Enriched by Biomolecules for Efficient Chiral Separation
    S. N. Zhang,  Y. L. Zheng,  H. D. An,  B. Aguila,  C. X. Yan,  Y. Y. Dong, 
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  • Quantitative Determination of Contribution by Enhanced Local Electric Field, Antenna-Amplified Light Scattering, and Surface Energy Transfer to the Performance of Plasmonic Organic Solar Cells
    S. H. Liu,  Y. D. Hou,  W. Xie,  S. Schlücker,  F. Yan,  D. Y. Lei
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  • Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopic detection of molecular chemo- and plasmo-catalysis on noble metal nanoparticles
    W. Xie,  S. Schlücker
    Chemical Communications, 2018, 54, 2326-2336.

  • Plasmonic hot electron transport drives nano-localized chemistry
    E. Cortes,  W. Xie,  J. Cambiasso,  A. S. Jermyn,  R. Sundararaman,  P. Narang,  S. Schlücker,  S. A. Maier
    Nature Communications, 2017, 8, 14880.

  • In Situ Atomic Force Microscopic Studies of Single Tin Nanoparticle: Sodiation and Desodiation in Liquid Electrolyte
    M. Han,  C. B. Zhu,  Q. Zhao,  C. C. Chen,  Z. L. Tao,  W. Xie,  F. Y. Cheng,  J. Chen
    ACS Applied Materials Interfaces, 2017, 9, 28620-28626.

  • Advanced SERS Sensor Based on Capillarity-Assisted Preconcentration through Gold Nanoparticle-Decorated Porous Nanorods
    L. Xue,  W. Xie,  L. Driessen,  K. F. Domke,  Y. Wang,  S. Schlücker,  S. N. Gorb,  M. Steinhart
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  • Metal Nanoparticle-Catalyzed Reduction Using Borohydride in Aqueous Media: A Kinetic Analysis of the Surface Reaction by Microfluidic SERS
    W. Xie,  R. Grzeschi,  S. Schlücker
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  • Label-free SERS monitoring of hydride reduction catalyzed by Au nanostars
    M. König,  A. Radojcic,  S. Schlücker,  W. Xie
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  • Strong competition between electromagnetic enhancement and surface-energy-transfer induced quenching in plasmonic dye-sensitized solar cells: A generic yet controllable effect
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  • Hot electron-induced reduction of small molecules on photo-recycling metal surfaces
    W. Xie,  S. Schlücker
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  • Gold and silver nanoparticle monomers are non-SERS-active: a negative experimental study with silica-encapsulated Raman-reporter-coated metal colloids
    Y. Zhang,  B. Walkenfort,  J. H. Yoon,  S. Schlücker,  W. Xie
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  • Three-dimensional plasmonic hydrogel architecture: facile synthesis and its macroscale effective space
    L. Ouyang,  L. H. Zhu,  J. Z. Jiang,  W. Xie,  H. Q. Tang
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  • Rationally designed multifunctional plasmonic nanostructures for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy: a review
    W. Xie,  S. Schlücker
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  • Label-Free SERS Monitoring of Chemical Reactions Catalyzed by Small Gold Nanoparticles Using 3D Plasmonic Superstructures
    W. Xie,  B. Walkenfort,  S. Schlücker
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  • Medical applications of surface-enhanced Raman scattering
    W. Xie,  S. Schlücker
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  • Controlling carbon encapsulation of gold nano-aggregates as highly sensitive and spectrally stable SERS tags for live cell imaging
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  • Evidence for SERRS Enhancement in the Spectra of Ruthenium Dye-Metal Nanoparticle Conjugates
    F. Theil,  L. Zedler,  A. Marz,  W. Xie,  A. Csaki,  W. Fritzsche,  D. Cialla,  M. Schmitt,  J. Popp,  B. Dietzek
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  • Synthesis of Bifunctional Au/Pt/Au Core/Shell Nanoraspberries for in Situ SERS Monitoring of Platinum-Catalyzed Reactions
    W. Xie,  C. Herrmann,  K. Kömpe,  M. Haase,  S. Schlücker
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  • Application of surface-enhanced Raman scattering in cell analysis
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  • Bio-imaging, detection and analysis by using nanostructures as SERS substrates
    W. Xie,  P. H. Qiu,  C. B. Mao
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  • Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy in living plant using triplex Au-Ag-C core-shell nanoparticles
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  • Triplex Au-Ag-C Core Shell Nanoparticles as a Novel Raman Label
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  • Nuclear Targeted Nanoprobe for Single Living Cell Detection by Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
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